Dis and Dat…

We had such a glorious day today!  My stepdaughter from my first marriage was up from Tennessee, so I kept the kids out of school today so they could see their big SIS.  I still can’t get over that she is going to be 20 in October!  She was only 4 when her Dad and I got together.  Boy do I feel old lol!!  But she looks fabulous!  And big news for everyone…she is going to have a baby in December!  Holy smokes Batman!

The kids can’t believe they are going to have a neice or nephew.  Tommy is only 9 and he is going to be an uncle by the time he is 10 lol.  Very cool :).

Another thing that makes me feel old?  I was chasing Mr. Jefferson today around my ex mil’s yard, and was soooo close to catching him, and I wiped out when my foot slid on a bunch of rocks.  Ouchie…I have big boo-boos on my knee.  I am sure it will be stiff tomorrow, and should smart pretty good when I take a shower in the morning.  Skinned knees tend to do that.  And my mother told me “Don’t you know at almost 41 you are too old to run around with the kids?”  NAHHHHHHHH!!! Never!!!!!!!!!!  I will never be too old to play with my kids.  Even when I am 80 and in a wheelchair, I will still chase them, or the grandkids hehe.  It is too much fun!  And they want me to.  That is the coolest thing…to have kids who still want to spend time with Mom.  I am going to cherish those moments for as long as I can, boo-boo’s and all. Because they don’t last long.

On another good news note…I should be back to working by this time next week.  I will go back to my old job as an LNA (Licensed Nursing Assistant).  I work (will be) for a company that provides services to people in their own homes so that they don’t have to be put in nursing homes and such.  Can’t wait!  It is going to be tight money wise, since I won’t have full time, but going to make it work!!

I am excited for this new chapter in my life.  Not that I don’t care about my hubby anymore, I do.  I also know he is a much stronger person than he was even a year ago.  I know he will do fabulous in his new life.  I have no doubt of that.  He really is an amazing man.  Just not the man for me.  And I am not the woman for him.  Like I said all along…..if nothing came out of this other than he being stronger in who he is and what he is capable of, then I am happy.  And I want him to be happy.

OK, off to watch the VERY last episode of Gilmore Girls…no say it ain’t so…yeppers, it is.  Wahhhhhhhhh…please let the reruns not stop until I have seen them all.  Maybe I should buy the dvds before I am on a limited income lol.

Have a blessed evening.


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