My first “official tag”…

Ok, so with all the tag stuff on my blog, you would think that I actually get tagged…Nope, nada…I just sort of find them in my blog wandering, and the ones that I like, I add here.

Well today I got tagged!  And by no less than the amazing Aby G!  I {heart} all of her great tips!  So without further ado, here are my 7 random things:

1.  My daughter missed her school bus home today.  I was supposed to pick her up at her friend’s and forgot, had to turn around and go back.  Absentmindedness runs in the family.

2.  I am trying to decide what to do with my life.  Sad at 41, exciting at 41, scary at 41.

3.  I am the only girl in my family, and the middle child.  Oh the trauma! LOL…I have an older brother Donald, and a younger brother Leigh.  Both are about 6′ tall..I am only 5’3″.

4.  I am getting tired of spaghetti…never thought I would say that, but when you eat it at least once a week because it is a meal all the kids will eat, it gets old.  So glad we can cook on the grill, and the kids will have to suffer with balogna sandwiches if they don’t like what I cook.

5.  I love to go barefoot in the summer.  Allllll the time.  But I will not go without socks once the temperature drops below 60.

6.  I love to crochet….I have made numerous afghans over the years, as well as a sweater for my daughter before she was even born.

7.  I am addicted to music lately….The Wreckers, Alan Jackson’s “A woman’s love”, Little Big Town, Martina McBride, The Doors.  I always have been, but for some reason it went away as something important to me for a long time.  Now it is back…in a big way!

Ok there we go…off to dance to music while I throw the chicken in the oven for dinner.

Have a blessed evening!


One Response

  1. Hey Stephanie! Thanks for playing along!
    You can tag seven of your closest friends, to keep the fun going. I forgot to mention that when I tagged you. 😉
    thanks again and have a terrific weekend!

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