Good stuff…

Nancy posted a challenge on her blog from Two Peas…here are my answers:

Two Names I Go by: Mom (most common) and Steph

Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: T shirt and shorts

Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: Honesty, trust

Two of My Favorite Things to do:  spend time with my children, scrapbook

Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment:  Chocolate and a phone call from someone in particular

Two pets I have:  Scamp (my Pomeranian) and Dopey (our black lab/chow mix)…and one for good measure…Hunter (our new beagle/black n tan mix)

Two things I did last night:  talked for 3 hours to a friend I had lost touch with over 5 yrs ago, slept.

Two things I ate today:  Cheerios, potatoes cooked in Newman’s Own Garlic Honey marinade

Two people I just talked to last:  Tommy (my 9yo) and Samantha (my 15 yo)

Two Things I’m doing tomorrow:  Cleaning and laundry

Two longest car rides:  New Hampshire to Parrsboro Nova Scotia (Canada), New Hampshire to South Carolina

Two Favorite Holidays:  None, don’t like holidays

Two favorite beverages:  Coffee, Coke

Ok, now for some miraculous stuff…I actually did some creative stuff over the last few days.  Don’t pass out now!!  I know it has been some time.  But I actually have a place to work again, and most of my stuff in working order.  So without further ado:

This is an altered birthday rolodex that I have made for a combination Mother’s Day and Birthday present for my mom.  I can’t tell you who all the papers are by, since I pulled from my scrap stash.  I can however tell you that the metal letter brads are from Provo.  Picked them up over a year ago and hadn’t used them up until now.  I put one for each month, rather than trying to do the full month’s name.

These are views from the inside.  What a great way to use your scraps!  I still need to add small photos of my kiddos to their cards, but other than that, it’s done.

And a card I made for Joey to take to his class tomorrow, thanking them for letting me go on their field trip:

This I can tell you…It felt so gooooooooood to create again!!  I spent about 4 hours doing the rolodex today, and a few minutes making this cool card.  Ahhh, good for the soul.

And just random funnyness (My new made up word)…

Scamp and Hunter in their morning routine…playing.  This involves an inordanite amount of barking by both of them, well before I have had enough coffee for my brain to process this brain piercing sound.  They have fun though, and it gets Hunter to sleep for a few hours during the day so that I can get some stuff done.

I will post pictures tomorrow of early Mother’s Day cards I have gotten from the kids.  I let them use some of my stash today, and they had fun.

I can’t show pictures of the field trip yesterday, due to the faces of kids not my own are showing, and I don’t have their parents permission.  Let’s just say that 4C of McClelland school is the BEST, most WELL BEHAVED, most POLITE group of 11 year olds I have ever met!!! Hands down.  I am very fortunate that Joey got put with this group of kids this year.  I hope they stay together as a class when they move upstairs to 5th grade.

Prayers to those in MO dealing with flooding… And my friend Cyndi in particular…hope you are ok gf…worried about you.

Have a blessed day!


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