I never…

Kelli Crowe has a great post on her blog about I never, I want and I will.  So going to take the challenge here.

I Never….

Want to know what it is like to be completely alone

Trust my instincts

Want to disappoint my children

Can read while someone is talking to me

finished college

I Want….

to know what I want (I know confusing..see previous post lol)

my children to achieve their dreams and be happy

to get my business off the ground

peace of mind, heart and soul

a puppy that sleeps through the night and goes outside all the time to go to the bathroom

I Will

Always love my children

always ask questions, always (sorry for those that it annoys lol)

love with all my heart, no matter how much it gets it broken

Ok, so what are yours?


2 Responses

  1. OHHH those are good may have to try this

  2. I agree Nancy! Was very hard.

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