I hate being confused, especially about my feelings.  I want concrete answers.  But life isn’t that simple.  I am dealing with a personal issue right now that has me baffled beyond belief.  Wish I had some magic book or something that would tell me what is the right thing to do.

So what is my solution?  Try not to think about it, and go color my hair.  I was playing with the straightening iron (trying to give it a second chance..happen to like the results, just have to find the patience), and noticed that the color from last year (yes it really has been that long ago), is all the way down at the bottom of my hair.  About the last 7 inches.  Now I do not want to go get 7 inches cut off of my hair.  I like my hair long.  And I just had a trim.  But this looks really stupid.  So off to Wallyworld this morning to get a kit.  Yes it dries my hair out.  But to be honest, I love the red it gives me.  I always wanted to be a light red head.

I am after all half Irish, have the freckles to prove it.  And the blue eyes.  Just wasn’t lucky enough to get the red hair.  Although I did have snow white hair as a child.  Get that from my dad.  Unfortunately, didn’t keep that past the age of 3.  Very dark brown is what I ended up with. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against being a brunette, except that with my light skin and eyes, it makes me look washed out all the time.

I don’t get enough sleep for various reasons, don’t eat very well (although I am getting better at this lately), and I don’t need my hair to help me look UCK.

Ok, off to do it.  Wish me luck!

Have a blessed day and hope you know where you are supposed to be.


2 Responses

  1. I wish I could dye my hair that often and get away with it. IM getting GRAY HEADED ahhhh! ALl the worrying I do rofl ITS KIDS I TELL YA! my hair grows realy fast though. WIsh I had a magic answer for it. BUT i do know worry gets you no where and it gives ya gray hair… look at me hehe

  2. LOL Nancy! If it’s kids, I should be gray as could be…3 of mine and 3 of dh’s. And whoever said that when they move it out gets easier, was lying.

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