A Worthy Cause…and babble

Faithfully Yours sent out their ezine today, with a great cause worth supporting.  Here is the information from the ezine:

“A group of 53 youth students will be embarking on a missions trip to Honduras in July.  A wonderful woman, Lisa, has put together a beautiful digital kit to raise money for this trip.  The kit is by donation only. Even if you are not a digital scrapbooker, please consider.  It is for a worthy cause and contains many elements that could be printed out and used.”

If you have been looking for a good cause to support, and are interested in a great Christian digi kit, I highly recommend you check it out here.

Now onto the Babble:

I have noticed something recently.  Mr. Jefferson (aka Joey) is becoming very impatient with his younger brother.  Very unusual you ask?  I though all brothers fought, you ask?  Well yes, they do tend to annoy each other from time to time, but this is so NOT Mr. Jefferson.  He is probably one of the most patient people I have ever known.  But now he is starting to act like me…hmmm…I think that might not be good.  I have a very short attention and patience span for people who go on and on to tell me a story that could have been told in just a few words.  It annoys me, plain and simple.  I have several people in my home that do this to me…Mr. Jefferson being one of them.

Yet now he is getting frustrated with Tommy, because he “talks too much!” (Mr. Jefferson’s words, not mine).  I told him in a funny way this morning…”Welcome to my world kiddo.”  He didn’t find this amusing whatsoever.

Mr. Jefferson is such a funny duck to figure out.  I think I have him figured out more than anyone else in his life, because I actually listen once in a while, know what his passions are, and try to foster that.  But he asked me not long ago where babies come from.  I told him I didn’t think he was old enough for THAT conversation.  He is 11, but I am old fashioned.  I was raised strict, and while I allow some things that my parents didn’t…sex and the discussion of that isn’t one of them.

So what does Mr. Jefferson do…he researches it on the internet.  How very Mr. Jefferson of him.   I am praying that he didn’t learn the full details of how the egg and sperm meet, but he won’t discuss it with me.  Oh and he touts the gloriousness of the encyclopedias I so thoughtfully purchased when we homeschooled a few years ago.  Drats…should have cut those pages out, or better yet, done an altered project to any volume with questionable content.  Haha, I can just see it now…”Mr. C, I wasn’t able to  look up what I am doing my paper on, Mom did another altered art project in the encyclopedia again”.  Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

No, the sad truth is this…puberty.  Mr. Jefferson, my “little man” that I fought so hard for as a child with disabilities, is growing up.  I did a good job, and so did he to overcome those disabilities..he is no longer considered “learning disabled”…just quirky.  And I love those quirks, even when they annoy me.

Write those stories…they grow too fast!

Have a blessed day!


2 Responses

  1. Yep, write those stories down quick!!! Because they grow up so fast and you forget the stories, even though you think they won’t!!
    The thing with waiting to talk to your kids these days is that they learn all the facts from their friends and and movies and such. I want to be the one to talk to them about it, you know?
    The digital kit is a GREAT idea. Love it! Thanks for the info about it!

  2. Oh too true Cheryl! I wanted to talk to him too…sigh….
    Glad you liked the digi kit. Maybe your group could do something like that?

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