He is lucky…

He is VERY lucky he is so darn cute. 

That’s all I have to say.  The night before last, he decided that sleep wasn’t in his schedule.  I stayed up until 12am …he finally fell asleep.  Then at 2am he woke up again, and refused to go back to sleep.  Hubby was going to let him whine and howl…not good when you have kids sleeping that have to be up at 6:30 for school.  So I ended up staying up with him.  I finally got to go to bed at 8am yesterday morning after taking the boys to school.  I had the stepdaughter babysit, with strict instructions: “Do WHATEVER you have to do to keep him quiet”.  LOL.

Here is a pic of him yesterday afternoon with Mr. Jefferson (aka: Joey)

He really is cute as a button.  Just needs to be trained well.  And he already knows my “not happy” voice.  All I have to do is say “NO” in a firm voice and he runs to his bed and lays down.  He knows I am the boss, not anyone else.  Does that stop him from testing my authority…definitely not!  Just like a little kid.

Ok, off to get some work done today…have a blessed day!


One Response

  1. hahaha been there! and they continue to test you! but he’s a puppy and at that age they need potty breaks and constant watching over! wait till the chewing phase (shortlived in our house thankfully)!

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