What is it about Monday’s?

I don’t know what it is about Monday’s lately for me, but I think they should be wiped off the calendar.  *CAUTION* Whining ahead….

I checked the city website two weeks ago and according to a pdf there, there was supposed to be a rabies clinic today, and you could get your dog licenses at the same time.  Oh good I thought, kill two birds with one stone…Dopey and Scamp both need their rabies, and we are supposed to have them licenses by May 1st.  So I bag up the Pom (Scamp) into the carrier, and get him in the car.  Then I put Dopey’s harness on, and he drags me to the car.  Ok, so I listen to them whine and carry on all the way up to the Fairgrounds where this clinic was taking place.  No one around.  Hmmm… Go into the office and the guy there tells me he knows nothing about it.  Wonderful!

So home again, pull up the pdf again, and what do you know…April 30, 2005!  Yep you heard me right…2005!!!!  Man why didn’t I see that sooner.  So I call city hall, and in my nicest polite/sarcastic voice I ask if they are hosting a rabies clinic.  Yep she says…May 5th.  She gives me all the details.

So then I go on to inform her that they have an old pdf on their website that says April 30, 2005, and they should really take it down.

Her reply : “You’re kidding me!”

Me:  “Nope ma’am I am not.  I didn’t just dislocate a shoulder trying to keep up with an 80lb black lab/chow for nothing.  I went all the way up to the Fairgrounds only to find out there isn’t a rabies clinic today.”

Her:  “Ok, well I will look into it.”

Me:  In my head…”yeah well you would think the city government could be a bit more up to date, dontcha’ think??”

I left my stepdaughter who is nearly 17 in charge of watching the new puppy while I was gone.  Just as I walk in the door with Dopey dragging me not far behind…boom…there it is…I step in puppy doo.  Yell at stepdaughter “I told you to clean it up if he went”.  Then I bring in the other one (the one in the crate) and he nearly breaks the crate trying to get out before I have the door all the way open.  I look over to see the puppy has shred the newspaper we put down for him that he refuses to use.  Again yell at stepdaughter “Why did you let him do that…geeeeeez!”  Then told her to go away for a bit so I could calm down (ha, fat chance until I get some more coffee and no one bugs me).

So my next mission is to call Tracfone.  I forgot to add airtime this weekend, and they have since suspended my service.  So I follow the link in the email that THEY SENT ME.  Three steps into it, it says if you don’t have an actually airtime card in front of you, to click on the link to skip that step and you can buy airtime online (which is what I always do)….won’t let me skip that step.  So on to plan b….buy airtime and see if I can reactivate that way…ok through all the steps except for the last one….Sorry there is a techinical problem, please call Tracfone at 1-800-blahblahblahblah.  Well I had to go to the bank, so it would have to wait.  Sure enough, they had no problem pulling the money out of my account already for the minutes.  So..now I gotta call them. 

Sheeze…I think I should just stay in bed on Mondays…what do you think?

Now don’t get me wrong…I am not in the same place I was last week or the week before…in the grand scheme of things this isnt major…just getting tired of starting my week with things like this.  KWIM?

Ok, whining session over.  Be blessed…I think I am (hehehe).


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