Sketch Resources

A discussion resurfaced on the Fiskateer’s message boards over the weekend on sketches and where to find them.  Fiskateer Paula (#1292) provided a list of links she has collected over the years, and I thought I would pass them along here.  I went through and checked all the links, deleted those that were inactive, or took too much digging to find.  I updated any that had moved.  So here is the list, hope you find it helpful:

Queen Geek Sketches:

Becky Higgins Sketches

Scrapbook-Bytes Sketches

Rocky Mountain Hobbies Treasure Maps

Layout Blue Prints

Lifetime Moments Sketches


Amy’s Sketch Blog

Scrapbooking Ideas Sketches

Just Ad Inspiration

Stickers N’ Fun

Simple Scrapbooks Schemes

Digital Scrapbook Place Sketches

Scraptivity Sketches

Scrapbook-Sketches Blog

Scrap Radio Sketches

Scrappin’ Stuff Sketches

Simple Scheme Sketches

The Shaker Box Sketches

Scrapbook Dreamer Sketches

Kindred Creations Sketches

Love 2 Scrap Sketches

Scrap Muse Sketches

Pencil lines

Little Book of Sketches

Have a blessed day!


One Response

  1. this was easy to find sketches for 8 x 11 1/2 layouts
    I thouroughly enjoyed browsing and will visit again and again . thanks kerri

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