Moving Update

Well, as I have lamented…due to the issue with our basement, I am having to give up my scraproom.  I am moving everything into the livingroom and taking over half of that (much to my hubby’s chagrin).  I thought I would give you a bit of an update with pictures.  It is a very, very slow process.  Partly because I have so much stuff, but also because I want it to be organized this time.  No more packages of stuff hidden away, that I forgot I bought.  I am labeling drawers, and actually putting things where they belong.  This is a long process for me as I hate this sort of thing LOL!.  So without further ado:

One of two Iris carts on wheels This is one of two Iris carts that I have.  I have labeled this one punches, adhesives, ribbon, sewing/embossing, and large paint supplies.

 This is what has probably taken me the absolute longest (3 hours yesterday).  I took my two bins of miscellaneous scraps and sorted them by color.  Whewww!

 I found this at Goodwill a few months ago.  It is a disk holder for those old 5.5 floppy disks.  I took all the dividers out, and it holds all my Sizzix (nope, don’t own a ton, but enough).

 I left this photo a bit big so you can see what I am doing.  This is a spring mounted curtain rod, put inside the bookcase, with shower curtain rod hooks on it.  I will be hanging all my stickers on this.  Still in the beginning stages as you can tell. Will be moving the lower shelf down just a hair, so that the stickers will hang freely.

 The rest of that same bookshelf has my paper, the pink bins hold stamps, and the lower shelf has my magazines.

 This is one of two small bookcases sitting on top of my table.  On the very top are my paints.  Then are small storage containers, each labeled with a letter.  This is where I put leftovers from sets and such.  I sort by letter.  Then my little buckets…these hold decorative scissors, pens, pencils etc. The bottom shelf has odds and ends that still need homes.

 This is three of those small wire stackable racks from Walmart, tucked inbetween the two small bookcases on my table.  Those black drawer things hold miscellaneous things like my eyelet setter and other small tools, makeup sponges, post its, etc.  The jars I also got at Walmart, have various embellishments in them, sorted by type…metals, photo corners, plastic tags, bottle caps, etc.  I won’t show you a photo of the other small bookcase, since it doesn’t have anything on it yet.

 And finally, the last bookcase.  The larger 12×12 drawers are being used for client projects for my Scrapbooking for other’s business I am starting.  All the 8.5×11 drawers are holding various items sorted by category (baby, teen, outdoor fun, wedding/anniversary, sports, travel/vacation, etc.)

I still have a long ways to go, but it is getting there slow but sure.  I am hoping to find some cool print curtains to hang over the front of the larger bookcases to hide some of it, and not make it stand out so much in my livingroom.  I also have more stuff downstairs to bring up (another 6′ table, another iris cart, etc).  But it is getting there.


4 Responses

  1. Hi piecesofscrap,
    I love what you’ve done with your creative space. It is cute but more importantly it is all organized. I am a firm believer that your storage doesn’t have to be boring. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Donna! I am trying to be organized, but it is a learning experience, since it goes against how my brain works lol.

  3. Cool! I love that spring-loaded curtain rod idea!

  4. Thanks Angela! It is a take on the Clip thing that is on the market right now, but I didn’t want to have another thing on my table. This way they are still visible for me to use, but also out of the way at the same time.

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