Countdown to puppy

Well, the countdown has begun…only two more days until we get HUNTER.  I took the boys to the Dollar Tree today so they could each pick out a toy for him to chew on (as opposed to my shoes and slippers).  I also went to Wallyworld and bought a nice BIG package of puppy pads. 

My DD, Sam, is actually the first to get to spend time with him since she is sleeping over her cousin’s house, where the puppies are.  Lucky duck she is!  She said he is very snuggly and loves to play.  Oh poor Scamp and Dopey…they are going to be so put out for a little bit…but they will get used to him, just like they got used to each other, and Mika the cat.  It’s all about adjustments.

Life is nothing but a series of adjustments too.  I know for me, not a day goes the way I actually plan it.  But it can be fun to have to adjust…adjust your thinking, adjust your feelings, adjust your beliefs.  So here is to the joy of adventure and adjustments!

 Have a blessed day!


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