The good things

After such a rough week last week, it is so nice to have little things that feel so good…it is amazing how simple things make me the happiest.  I am a simple girl.  I don’t want all the most expensive toys, I hate expensive jewlery, I don’t have an expensive house (although according to the current housing market we could make a nice penny if we sold).  I enjoy the everyday things that make me smile.  Like this:

   This is as you enter my side door off the driveway.  With all the rain last week, and now the gorgeous sun, these daffodils are going wild.  I have nothing to do with them.  The previous owner planted them.  I do nothing to maintain them.  They just are. Which is why it is a simple thing and so pretty.

And another simple thing that makes me happy:


Yesterday we got to about 85 degrees (wheww it felt hot!).  So after the boys did a quick pick up of their bedroom, I took them up to their school to play.  Just having fun on a hot afternoon…simple…joy.  And a toot for PSE5, because the first two photos were taken while I was half way across the playground.  I used my zoom, and when I uploaded them to the computer they looked really washed out.  Using PSE5 I was able to auto correct them.  Tommy’s red shirt looks a little off still, but I am slow but sure learning new info about how to use this amazing software.  Going to try and do a fun digital layout with these sometime this week. (roads that are paved with good intentions lol).  We also practiced our baseball.  It costs too much for my boys to play little league (what happened to the days when it was free?), so I am teaching them how to play myself.  Learning how to catch a pop up, a grounder, protecting the face at all times from the ball, hitting.  We had a blast, but sadly since I was playing with them there are no pictures.  Next time I will have to get dd to come with us to shoot some.

And good and simple things in the scrapbooking world?  Oh Atomic Cupcake is my new best friend!  I absolutely LOVE their kits, and can’t wait to learn how to use their actions.  I signed up for a subscription this weekend and can’t wait to start playing.  Whoohoo!  I did have to download the kits and such onto the old desktop PC though, since that has a dvd burner.  Much easier to back up than a million cds.

And Creating Keepsakes has redone their website!  Very cool….Love that Erin’s videos are right on the front page now.  I think she is a hoot!  And anything with my fave…Jessica always a plus!  She has a new online column called Paper and Pixels.  Her tips are very easy to follow along with, and she always gives instructions for both PSE and PS.  What a great find CK got in her!  She is going to help them bridge the paper and digital scrapbooking worlds together.

Well, have to go get dressed and get some more work done today.

Have a blessed day and enjoy the simple things!


2 Responses

  1. Great post today, Steph!! The simple things are what it’s all about!! Love the flower and park pics!! So fun!
    I wwill have to go check out Atomic Cupcakes kits. Just what I need–another scrap site to order from! lol And I also love the new CK set-up!
    Have a great day!!!

  2. Thanks Cheryl! It sometimes makes life worthwhile just to step back for a second or two and remember what you have.

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