Yard work and sun…

Well, the sun is officially here.  Not sure how long it will be here, but we are enjoying it with all we have.  The boys went to Dad’s for the weekend and did some outside work, went to the beach, and just generally had a blast.  My stepdaughter and hubby took down the Christmas lights (this is a huge accomplishment, we usually don’t take them down!).  They also worked out in the yard most of Sunday, cleaning up more tree debree (yes play on words)…I spent most of my time in the house due to a head exploding sinus infection.

But today I feel much better, so decided to jump on the sunshine bandwagon.  I cleaned up the area near the front of our fence, getting all the trash out to the street so that it can go Wednesday.  I also started putting webbing through the fence to give us some privacy.  It will take a few days, but should be nice when done.

I also took the boys to the playground at their school. They played on the equipment, and we practiced baseball. They are such cool kids!  I love my boys.  Not that I don’t love my gorgeous Daughter…but she is a girly girl.  She doesn’t like the same things she used to when she was younger.  The boys love sports.  Baseball especially.  It is so fun to watch them try to catch a ball without knocking a few teeth out.  They are getting more brave. 

I have pics and will post some tomorrow of them on the playground.  I still don’t have them off the camera. 

Have a blessed day…off to cook dinner!


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