Sweet spot

I am taking a quick break from moving my scrapping studio up from the basement, and thought I would share a sweet spot with you:

This is my baby, Scamp.  He has decided, even though he has a dog bed, that his new sweet spot is at the bottom of my bedroom closet.  That is a velour blanket that I keep in the bottom of the closet as a spare, and an afghan that I was in the process of finishing the border on.  Hubby has been leaving the closet doors open in the morning when he gets ready for work, and Scamp has taken up residence there any chance he can get.

I suppose this is good, since in a week and a half, he will probably have his nose put out of joint a bit.  We are getting a new puppy.  He is a mix of beagle and black -n-tan.  His name is already chosen by the kids…Hunter.  Nice name I do believe.  Scamp will love it because he will have someone to play with.  The cat tends to beat him up too much (she is about the same size), and Dopey, our chow/lab mix just doesn’t get into playing much anymore (despite the fact that he is actually younger than Scamp…I heard the words “old fart in a young body” muttered a few times under Scamp’s breath).

So what is your sweet spot on this rainy (is there any other weather lately) day in New England?  Leave me a comment…tell me what your sweet spot is.


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