In the grand scheme of things…

Yesterday and today were not great days for me.  With overworking the shop vac and our backs, the basement is finally dry.  The wet stuff got tossed in the trash today.

But as I sat here watching the news of all the people who actually lost everything, I am angry at myself for throwing a temper tantrum yesterday.  As I sat watching the convocation at Virginia Tech on the news today, I was angry at myself for being so selfish.  A few inches of water in my basement is nothing compared to losing everything.  Whether it be your home and all your mementos, or God forbid, someone you love.

So my public apologies to the entire world wide web…I had no right to throw a temper tantrum yesterday.  And yes God, thank you for putting me back in my place.

I would like to share with you a bit of what is good in this world:

This is not a great photo, but this is my baby Brother, Tech Sgt. Leigh Nichols, of the 157th Refueling Wing, helping residents of Farmington get out safely.  The photo is courtesy of Foster’s Daily Democrat.  He and his “partner in crime”, Tech Sgt. Yvette Menot are still working up there as we speak, over 24 hours later.  The Air National Guard and Army National Guard in our areas are amazing people.  They are always there to support the community.  Bravo!!

If you would like to see more photos of the April Flooding here in NH, you can visit WMUR‘s website.  That is our major NH television station.  There you will find viewer photos as well as video.

And big hugs to Miss Smurf who is island bound in her little neck of the woods.  Let me know if you need the Ark anytime soon!

Be blessed!  I know I am, in so many ways!


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