Update…15 minutes later

Mommy is not a happy camper.  Why are men so oblivious to life?  Hubby went to work today with the theory that our sometimes gets wet basement would be fine.  FAT CHANCE!  I just went downstairs and it is getting wet.  That is the final straw.  I am moving my studio back upstairs and taking over half the livingroom whether he likes it or not. 

Just for the record…I hate this house.  And have for a long time.  Nothing new.  But thought I would make it public.

Off to make the shop vac my best friend today.


2 Responses

  1. Oh yikes!!! Sorry to hear about the water creeping back in! We have had our basement flood threetimes because of the line getting stopped up and that is about the most miserable I have ever felt! Yuck!!
    I think moving your studio upstairs is a great idea!!!

  2. Thanks hun! We are lucky that it finally stopped…for now. The rain isn’t done yet, so who knows what we will find in the a.m.
    I threw about 20 bags of wet stuff away from the basement today. Trash men will love me hehe.

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