Monday morning Nor’Easter

For the record….if this were February or March, we would have several feet of snow by now.  But since it is mid-April, it is pure rain.  Lots of it.  And wind!  Oh my the wind!  We are averaging 40mph, with gusts of 60mph.  Not pretty to say the least.  The lights have been flickering since 6 am.  My poor daughter waited until what we thought would be the last minute to go out for the bus.  Leave it to the school system to be running late…poor thing is drenched.  Glad I told her to take a change of clothes, she is going to need them.

Morning funny:

Tommy asked what a Nor’Easter was.  After explaining about the wind and rain, and what it would be in March….I told him it was time to get dressed for school.  His response:  “What!?  In this weather!!!!”  Haha the hopes of a 9yo boy to have a Monday off from school.  Sorry “Doo”…not today, unless the power is out, and then I will come get you.

I am glad to be able to post today, since I spent the better part of yesterday in bed, napping on and off.  Mr. Jefferson passed along his virus he had last week, and while my throat isn’t nearly as sore as his was/still is, I did have a massive headache and coughing.  Feeling much better today.  The headache is reduced to a dull ache with Tylenol, and my coughing has settled down.

UPDATE FROM THE HONEYWELL ALERT SYSTEM:  All elementary schools have been cancelled.  I have an ecstatic 9yo!  LOL!  Just as they were finishing getting dressed they called and cancelled school due to downed power lines, minor flooding, etc.  So out comes the Playstation One…and the day is a wash.  I hope I can still get downstairs to work on my studio.  I need to get stuff away so that I can get to work.

Well, off for now…will post some fun photos I took over the last few days, later. 

Have a blessed day! And stay dry!


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