Update on Spring…

Well, we got lucky with the storm yesterday, only about 2 inches of sleet, and another 1-2 inches of snow on top.  Could have been much worse..up north got 10 +.

And the outlook for Sunday’s Nor’Easter is that it will stay mostly rain.  Unfortunately they are talking winds close to 60mph and INCHES, several INCHES of rain.  So will have to keep an eye on the poor trees for more broken or falling branches, and watch the basement for leakage.  Better not do the latter, as I still have boxes sitting on the floor.  Maybe tomorrow I will find a way to get them up.  We have only gotten water in the basement once, and that was during the flooding last May, but can’t be too sure or safe.

I have an adorable picture of a robin out bouncing around the yard yesterday in the storm, but haven’t gotten it off the camera yet, so will have to do that later and share with you.  So cute…it doesn’t know it’s not spring yet either.

Have a blessed day!


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