To Do

How many of you keep “to do” lists?  Do they seem like they get bigger, not smaller?  That is how I feel sometimes.  Unfortunately, in learning over the last few years what makes me “tick”, I have found one undeniable truth…..I do it to myself.  With the exception of a few kid centered activities, and appointments, my to do list is only as long as I make it.

We seem to be in a White Rabbit syndrome….hurry, hurry, hurry…must get it all done….no time!  Who says?  Is there someone sitting on your shoulder saying that the laundry should be done by 2pm?  Or that you must have your reorganization done by date x, time z?  Nope.  Of course we all have deadlines and things that must get done in our daily lives.

But too often those deadlines are self imposed.  I say it is time to stop and breathe.  Really relax.  The list isn’t going to go anywhere.  Those things will still need doing an hour from now, a day from now, or even a week from now.  Stop.  Breathe. 

 Have a blessed day!


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