The Famous and the Infamous

I met Thomas Jefferson this morning.  I also met Amelia Earheart, Ben Franklin, Laura Ingall Wilders, John F. Kennedy…oh so many famous people!  Where was I?  At the elementary school for my son’s Wax Museum project.  Each child did a report on a famous person, that took about 3 weeks, between reading about them and then writing the report.  They then had to go to school today dressed as their character.  All the parents got to go see the kids, and each child had to give a quick 20 second speel about who they were.  The younger kids in the school got to go see the museum too, so I am sure I will hear from Tommy about seeing his big brother Thomas Jefferson (hehe.).  I will not post pictures of other kids, as I don’t have permission, but Joey and I will be doing a scrapbook page or two about the event (yes my son loves to scrapbook!).  So without further ado…I present Mr. Thomas Jefferson…………….

 Just before we left the house, without the hat (which his teacher loaned him).

 Giving his “speel” to a visitor to the museum.  He did so well!  Very proud of you Joe!

 And finally, one of the BEST teachers in the public school system in our town…Mr. C.  You could not ask for a better teacher!  He knows the kids like the back of his hand, and makes learning fun!  I hope that he is still teaching in two years when Tommy hits 4th grade.  Thanks Mr. C for doing such a great job with Joey and for making his transition back into public school so smooth and enjoyable!

Ok I promise…not another post today hehe…have a blessed day!


2 Responses

  1. What a FUN idea for a school activity! I love it!! And he looks like an awesome Thomas Jefferson!

  2. Thanks Cheryl! It was right up his alley, since he loves history, and this is very similar to what we used to do for activities when homeschooling. He loved it!

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