Sugar Hangover

Well, another holiday over.  Today our focus is on Mr. Thomas Jefferson.  Joey is portraying him in the 4th grade Wax Museum project.  But I thought I would share a few pictures from our Easter dinner last night.  We had our dd Nicolle and her fiance Johnny over for dinner.  Our son Matt couldn’t make it as he had to work.  This is the sugar high I brought home from their father’s visit:

 This is what they did allllllll night….run through the house, and giggle massively.  I get along with my ex really well, but wanted to kill him when the kids told me that the reason they didn’t want to eat their dinner was because they had a large piece of cake just before I picked them up.  But I am just as guilty, because I added to the sugar high with soda at dinner.  Hehe.  Funny thing is…with all that sugar in their systems, they both fell asleep right away last night.

 Here is Nicolle (without her glasses…get them on!) and Johnny.  They just got engaged a few weeks ago and are planning on being married next summer.

 “Stick ’em Up!” hehe

 Peek A Boo!!  Tommy being silly.

Ok, enough bad pictures for today hehe.  I have one of hubby, but promised I would not post it publicly…he’s no fun!  LOL I can say that since I don’t have any pics of me at all from yesterday.

Hope you have a blessed day!


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