Yep, it’s Monday and I have time to kill before I go witness Sir Thomas Jefferson at the elementary school.  I have been reading a few blogs this morning and it got me thinking.  So I am going to post a few confessions here, nothing earth shattering (that is reserved for my private journal), but things you might not have known about me…

1.  I am a political junkie.  I get almost as fired up about politics and the way that our country, state and city are being run, as I do about my Boys of Summer.  I am a very responsible voter.  I do not vote until I know everything there is to know about the candidates.  I do not post my political convictions on my blog, because I believe, just like with who I vote for, it is my business.  I have a right to my views, and do not need to express them in a public forum.  I express them with who I vote for.  I am however very vocal with family.  And with the television.  I have been known to talk (or yell when really frustrated by what I am hearing) at the television on a regular basis.  I will however make one public comment on the state of politics at the moment…..IT IS TOO EARLY FOR THE PRESIDENTIAL 2008 BOMBARDMENT!  Enough said.

2.  I am a news junkie.  Specifically….Fox News.  I watch it almost all day long while working around the house or on my business stuff.  I get withdrawals if I haven’t heard the news for the day at least once.  But I will also say this about Fox News…they are becoming too much like other cable stations in that they keep repeating the same news over and over all day long.  There are too many news stories out there across the country and across the world to have to do this.  Mix it up guys!  Tell about the kid who saved his family from a sinking boat once, then tell another story.  Please.  Don’t make me change the channel.

3.  I am an organizing junkie.  Not actually organizing my own house, but rather always looking for information on organizing.  I watch Mission Organization on HGTV daily.  I read articles online.  But why can’t I put it all into practice???  I think because it goes against my nature.  My house is not any more dirty than any other house with 4 children in it.  I have to sweep the kitchen floor at least twice a day.  But I always have a pile of something nearby, whether it is paper, projects, or toys.  There are always “piles”…and my confession is that there probably always will be.

4.  I am a procrastinator.  I am forever putting off big projects, mostly in the house, that I just can’t bring myself to start.  The main one right now is getting the livingroom ready for a major redo.  I need to take the paneling down off one wall (yucky dark brown), take the wallpaper off another (very old I might add), and then wash all the walls down with TSP, spackle all the areas that need it, prime the walls, and then finally paint.  Just typing that, no wonder I am putting it off, that’s a lot of work.  But it needs to be done, and I want it done.  I want a nice livingroom.  I just don’t like all the prep work.  I tried to con my older brother to do it for me, but he made a very true statement…I couldn’t afford him.  LOL!  How right he is.

So what are your confessions for this Monday?


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