Not a “Girly” Girl

If you haven’t noticed by my past posts yet…I am not a “girly” girl (or woman).  I do not do makeup.  The last time I wore a dress of any kind was on my wedding day almost 5 years ago.  I do not spend hours primping in front of the mirror in the morning.  I take a 10 minute shower, let my hair air dry, and then throw it up in a partial ponytail.  Ta da!  Ready for the day.

Not to say that there is ANYTHING wrong with you “girly” girls.  Just the opposite.  We all have something that makes us “You-nique”.  You may fit many of the stereotypes of most females (emotional, loves to gab, etc., etc.).  But there is something about you that makes you different.

For me it is that I am not a “girly” girl.  I have more experience working with power tools and fixing my own car than my hubby does.  I grew up the only girl out of three children.  One brother older, one younger….me stuck in the middle.  I was also “daddy’s girl”.  But not in the typical “bat my eyes and get whatever I want” type of way….I was the one outside with him while he worked on the cars, or sitting on the couch with him for a weekend Red Sox or Patriots game.  He always expected more of me schoolwork wise, than he did of my brothers.  He held me to a higher standard.  I used to hate this, but as an adult, I appreciate it.  Even at 40, when I make decisions, a part of me still wonders in the back of my head what my parents think…what would they do in my shoes?

So, what makes you stand apart from your fellow women?  What makes you “You-nique”?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  Would love to hear how you see yourself.


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