Random Thoughts….

Ok, so I think all that creating wore me out yesterday, since I can’t seem to get out of my own way today 🙂  So I thought I would post some random bits and pieces today, things I am thinking about, things that make me go “hmmmm”.


In the mirror of your paper you will discover your identity as an artist. -Rex Brandt

I love this quote.  It speaks to me, about my scrapbooking.  All the supplies in my studio are just that, a piece of pretty paper here, a brad there, a photo…separate they are nothing, nice to look at.  It is not until I put them together that they become art.  They tell a story, remind me of a memory, make me smile, or in the case of yesterday’s layouts…make me do a little jig.  Why a jig?  First because I tried something that I wasn’t sure would work (combining two techniques), and second because I got so many compliments on both layouts.  That made me happy.  Not because I am full of myself as an artist (this is sooo untrue), but because it touched other people.  That is what art is all about isn’t it?

A few things you didn’t know about me:

1.  I HATE housework!  I cannot stress this strongly enough.  I am not a domestic diva.  I do what is necessary to keep the house respectable….that’s it.

2.  I always have numerous projects going at once.  Currently:  almost done a lapghan for Dana Farber, mini book partially done for my pet peeves post a few days ago, in the middle of several home improvement projects, reorganizing my studio, and an album for my brother.

3.  I love salad.  Tossed salad, but in my infinite pickiness (is that a word?) I only want iceberg lettuce (the green parts, not the bitter white parts in the middle), peeled and sliced pickling cukecumbers (they taste better), grape tomatoes, and green peppers.  That’s it.  Most times I don’t even put salad dressing on it (when I do it is ONLY Catalina)…just a touch of salt.

4.  I only eat Cheerios cereal.  I do not like any other cereal, and will eat Cheerios for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a late nite snack.

5.  I dislike lazy people.  People who do not have enough of an imagination to amuse themselves.  It baffles me how people can just sit around (or fall asleep in the middle of the day) for lack of inspiration.  They cannot even come up with an idea to do something..go for a walk, do the dishes, read a book, anything.

And a shout out to all who stopped by yesterday to see my layouts!  You ladies (famous and infamous hehe) rock, and sooooo made my day!!!  Thank you!

Have a blessed day!


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