Gotta Love Taxes!

No, I do not mean the ones we pay…but rather the ones we get back in the spring.  Because of them, I am able to go tomorrow morning and put four new tires on my car and get the front end alignment I have been putting off for two years.  The $60 front end alignment is something that will make a HUGE difference…I shouldn’t need a new set of tires again next year. 

Why do we put off things that we know need to be done?  I still haven’t figured this out.  It isn’t that this costs a million dollars or anything.  And it’s only an hour or so out of schedule, not a lot in the grand scheme of things.  But rather than do it, I have continually put it off.  To the tune of $400 worth of tires over the past 2 years.  I don’t know, I think sometimes we become stubborn, even with ourselves.

Other than that, most of the taxes went to paying off the credit cards (YEAH!) and Miss Mika (my dd’s cat) will be taking a much needed trip to the vet for “the unspoken surgery” lol.  But it will be nice to know that we won’t have to pay out the money to the credit cards anymore.  We only use them for major stuff (like the hot water tank for $800), but it adds up.  Especially when you own a home and have children.  There is always SOMETHING, it’s a never ending cycle.

And here are the last two pics from Sunday (I promise hehe).  I realized after yesterday’s post that I never showed you the rest of the family.

  Everyone chowing down on great sandwiches, salads and sweets.  The gentleman in the red shirt is Joe.  He is my father in law, and the reason we all went on Sunday.

  And more munching.  The gentleman in the right side of the photo (tan shirt) is another Joe. This is dh’s older brother (one of many).  He lives in Maine and is a fabulous cook.  You can’t see her, but his wife Dianne is there too.

Ok, now that I have tortured you with photos for 3 days, I will let your eyes rest :). Sort of like having to watch someone’s home movies huh?  Hehehe.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. We NEED to get our tazes done, because it sure would help with a big payment I have tomake this next week!! So glad that your taxes are helping you out!
    Love the pics–off to look at the ones on the previous posts!

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