More Salem Pics…

Ok, forgive my indulgence, but I took 170+ photos yesterday :).  I will not force you to look at all of them, but these are the ones I want to share.

  The whole crew..Tab, Brad and their kids.  Me and our kids (yep that’s me in the middle).  I actually handed the camera over to hubby 🙂  A huge step for me lol!

  This is one of my photos inspired by all you scrapbookers that are such good photographers.  There were old hitching posts all along the street, so I told each kid to pick a post, smallest to tallest.  I was hoping to have them all on the right side of the post like Sam and Jessica did, but it’s still a cool photo!

  Tommy and Aaron playing in the empty fountain.  Aaron would yell “You can’t get me!”  and start laughing and run.  Tommy would catch up with him and give him a gentle hug to let him know he “got” him.

 A sign with my dd’s name on it, so we HAD to get a pic of it:)

 My sister in law, Tabitha.  What an amazing person!

  And finally the last photo.  This one was also inspired by all you scrapbooking photographers.  The kids thought I was nuts, but when they saw the photo, they thought it was awesome.

So there is my inundation of photos for the day.  Off to run errands and catch up on laundry today.  Hope everyone has a blessed day!


2 Responses

  1. LOVE all those photos!!!! Especially the foot one!!!

  2. Thanks gf! The kids thought I was nuts:) Who knows, maybe all that adhesive has made me loopey for good photos!

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