A Nice Spring Day in Salem

Yep, Salem Massachusettes!  Hubby actually got me to drive in MA.  I am not a traffic person!  My knuckles turn white and the stress sets in…massive headaches.  But we did it because it was for family.  One year ago on March 22nd, hubby’s mom passed away.  So his dad asked us to go down and spend the day.  Everyone brought something to eat, we all had a great time!  We took the kids for a walk in a “walking mall” area of Salem nearby Dad’s apartment, so I thought I would share some shots with you.  Hope you like!

  This is my “gang”.  Back row, left to right:  Matthew, Nicolle, Samantha and Jessica.  In the front row, left to right, are Joey and Tommy.  I needed to get a picture of them all laughing or smiling, so I said “fart”…what kid of any age doesn’t laugh at that…well it got me snickers.  So I tried a family secret…I said “fried boogers” and this is the reaction I got.  I will have to tell you that story some time lol.

  This is looking down the street from the end at the walking mall.  Most of the “road” is brick, but there are some sections with the original cobblestone still in place.  There are shops on either side all the way down.

  My sister in law Tabitha’s son Kevin, and her bf Brad.  He is soooo good with her kids!  Kevin is 6, and Autistic.  He is such an adorable little boy 🙂

  This is little Aaron.  He is Kevin’s little brother.  What a character he is!  This is his impression of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle LOL!

 My son Tommy, and Tab’s son Aaron became FAST FRIENDS!!! They were inseparable alll day long!  It was so cool to see my rough and tumble boy be so gentle with someone younger than him.  He held his hand and made sure he didn’t run off, showed him all the cool things in the shop windows.  What a great sign of his true self 🙂  He is such a great kid!

Well, that is it for tonight, need to get some serious sleep, as it’s back to the grind tomorrow and 5:30 comes mighty early!  But I have some awesome shots I got that I can credit to all those great tips I have gotten from fellow scrappers both on the net and in magazines.  I had SOOOO much fun!!!!


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