What NOT to do when you are tired…

Ok, so a little background: our really adorable chow/black lab dog Dopey has a horrible psoriasis condition.  So he gets Benadryl at night so that he doesn’t wake us up all night chewing.

Well being as tired as I was last night, I had the right idea by bringing his pills into the bedroom so that I could drop them into his mouth before I curled up in bed.  I was thirsty and set the pills on my bedside table while I grabbed my White Grape flavored water and opened it.  Now here is where it gets WONKY (thanks May Flaum for that great word).  Ever have one of those moments where your brain takes over and your body just blindly follows?

I don’t know what happened…one minute I am listening to “Everybody Loves Raymond” on the tv, the next thing I know, I am swallowing all FIVE Benadryl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Instantly I went “Oh Crap!”  Needless to say I paniced.  I will not go into gory details but I made myself get them back.

Fast forward an hour, I am trying to go to sleep since I can’t keep my eyes open any more.  But every time I lay down, I am fidgeting and can’t seem to stop.  This went on for about 10 minutes before I finally got up, and called the local emergency department.  I asked what the effects would be on an adult my size.  The nurse told me I had to call the Poison Control Center.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So dig out the phone book (mind you by this time I am barely able to move…feel like I have been drugged beyond belief).  I get them on the phone, explain that I accidentally took 5 Benadryl, what would be the effect (other than the obvious sleepiness)….Answer:  None.  Just that I might not want to get of bed in the morning. 

WHEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!  So, I left hubby a note to tell him to make sure I got up this morning.  I actually woke up myself when the alarm went off, so I must have gotten just enough out of my system last night.  I do not take Benadryl or anything like it normally, as I cannot handle the Antihistamine in it.  Makes me loopy (yes I know, you are thinking I am already loopy for swallowing 5 pills!). 

I actually don’t feel too badly this morning.  But hubby nearly fell out of his chair this morning when I told him what I did.  He suggested that I should probably make the dog get out of bed to give him his pills from now on.  I suggested where he could put that suggestion (with a smile on my face of course hehe).

Needless to say….becareful what you do when you are Very Very tired!

Have a blessed day!


2 Responses

  1. OMGOSH girl! SO GLAD YOU ARE OK! That is scary! Benadryl makes me all jittery I cant take it at night and i feel like bugs are crawling on my legs. dunno what is in it that does that but i wont take it. Have you ever bathed your doggy in tea tree oil? we had a dog that had BAD psoriasis and we bathed her with a couple drops of tea tree oil in her bath stuff. DO NOT GET IT IN THEIR EYES it can make them go blind. But you can use it on peopel too. Bella has bad eczema and seems to be the only thing besides the steroid cream (you can only use for 10 days at a tiema nd of course it comes back 2 days after you stop the steroid of course) so we have been using this in her bath water (DONT GET IN EYES OF COURSE) and it works great.
    Also neutragena medicated shampoo TGEL we used that on the puppy also it has coal tar in it and something to help with itching. That helped her also. The dog lived to be 14 that is OLD OLD for a y orky. ANyway just lettin ya know.
    Bless your heart IM glad you are ok really I am.

  2. Nancy, this dog has had everything tried on him! When he dies, they will accuse us of using him for testing lol!!
    Yes, I am glad I am ok too…boy what a stupid thing to do!!! But no ill after effects thank goodness 🙂

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