Sweet Success!

It is done!  The room for stepdaughter is done!  Well, I still have to rehang the curtains I washed today, and need to make the bed, but the room is clean, re-arranged, and the carpet cleaned.  I am EXHAUSTED!!!  I still have to do dishes (I started but haven’t finished), and do more laundry.  Boy being MOM is hard work this past couple of weeks.  Will be glad when things settle down.

One of the downfalls of moving the stuff out of the spare bedroom, to move kids around?  Boxes of my stuff now sitting downstairs outside my studio just screaming…you can’t play until you put us away.  And honestly, I couldn’t…there is too much stuff in the way, I really can’t even get into my studio very well.  So…that will be my next project.  Sigh….but the end result of that is that I get to play next week, so it is worth it!

Have a blessed day!


2 Responses

  1. OH GIRL I BEEN THERE! We are about to renovate my craft room(again) to get the cabinets in…. if my hubby will ever paint them (they are in my garage can you hear me cryin????) he is waiting on the counter top.. yeah yeah yeah sure. but i will be right there with ya. going 😦 where is my stuff.. I need to scrap.. I got stuff due blah blah and he willb e going yeah yeah but you wanted this cabinets and well you know the drill. PRAYING WE SURVIVE IT bwahahaha!
    Cant wait to see pics of your girls room!!!

  2. LOL hubby would shoot me if I asked for his help in my craft room. Besides, I am a power tool girl…I use our tools more than he does. Comes from growing up the only girl..I know how to work on cars too!
    I think I will send him into shock when I take down the wall between my studio and the room next to it..want MORE ROOM hehe. But first I have to figure out where to store all the stuff that is in that room.
    Can’t wait to see your room!

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