Update on redecorating…

Well, the  boys are in their room, sort of.  Still have one more bureau to put in there, and bring the rest of their toys and such down.  Here are some updated pics…excuse the mess..amazing how quickly two boys ages 9 and 11 can mess up a room!  Hint: less than 3 hours.



I wish I could say that we had a really cute, Pottery Barn style for the boys but we don’t.  I don’t see the sense in it.  First, it would take away from all the things they love (see that blue bucket on the floor with the laundry basket on it?  That is Legos…FULL OF LEGOS…and that’s not close to all of them).  Also, boys are boys, they can be really rough on things.  I guarantee you that I will replace the rugs in this room within a year or two…thus $20 rugs from Wallyworld.  It works, and I don’t freak if they beat on it.

Took me four days to get all the stuff out of this room and get to this point.  Only a few more days to get the rest in here, and clean the other room for Stepdaughter’s return.  Hopefully I will last the week hehe.


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