Agnes Nichols Harris

Aunt Aggie passed away at 6:00 pm today.  I wish I could say I was close to her, but it isn’t the case.  But I cry because I didn’t know her, and also because she was extremely close to my father.

What I do know is that right now she able to smile.  She is no longer in pain, after nearly 15 years and two bouts of cancer.  She is also getting to see my grandma and grandpa again.  That alone makes me smile.  While I am not in any hurry to join them, I will celebrate the day I get to see them all again.  I only wish I had gotten my questions about our family history answered before they all left.

I cannot stress enough, get those stories told.  Even your everday life will matter to someone 20, 40, or 100 years from now.  Do not leave your family to the mercy of unmarked photos piled up in a box, or worse yet, a government system of wading through papers, paying fees to find out who your great grandparents were by way of an old Social Security application.  And if you have older family members, get their stories before it’s too late.  We take life for granted.  It should be celebrated, not brushed aside like it doesn’t matter.

I wanted to put some profound quote or saying here that would express how I feel right now.  But there is nothing.  Just sad that another piece of who I am and where I come from is now gone.  My prayers and heart go out to my Uncle Ronnie and his two boys, and their families.  I know it hurts right now, but remember her smile, her gentle touch, her love for you.  Those are the things that matter.

Have a blessed evening, and Aunt Aggie…Tell Grandma and Grandpa I love them!


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