UPS doesn’t like me

Ok, so I got an amazing deal at Sizzix’s website last week….I was able to order the Sidekick and a complete alphabet for $50.  What a steal!  Glad I didn’t pay full price at the craft store last week.  But now UPS seems to not like me.  My package of new toys was due to be delivered yesterday.  I check the tracking number in the email they sent me and it seems that it made it as far as Chelmsford, MA before it encountered “An emergency beyond our control”.  Wahhhhh!!!  Just as well I suppose, since I am still tackling that room from the last post (nearly done!).  But then I check it again this morning and when is the new delivery date?  TODAY!  The day that I won’t be home.  All day I won’t be home.  I have to take my grandmother for two doctor’s appointments, and then try to do grocery shopping before we get hit with a Nor’Easter.  They are saying the storm will be starting somewhere between 12 and 2pm.  Sort of like waiting for the cable guy LOL!  I am leaving a nice note for the UPS man, begging him to leave the package, and giving him permission to open the door and stuff it in.  Think he will do it?  Do UPS men care how obsessed I am with playing with these toys this weekend??? Probably not, but I sure hope that this package doesn’t need a signature.  Otherwise I will have to wait until Monday, and that is just not acceptable hehe.

Now onto a VERY stupid note (and slightly angry)….My parent’s as you probably remember, are in West Virginia to say goodbye to my Aunt.  She is due to pass away at any moment, and may have already and I just haven’t heard yet.  Anyway…last night my Grandmother tells me that she heard from my mom, and my aunt passed away.  One hour later I get a phone call again from my Grandmother.  My aunt didn’t pass away.  My Aunt had called her children to tell them they should probably get to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling too good. Everyone headed over to be with her, only to walk into a room with a stripped bed.  There was no staff around to ask any questions, so they assumed that she passed and maybe the hospital tried to call them while they were enroute.  But no, that wasn’t it.  It took nearly an hour to find out she wasn’t gone, they had moved her to another room.  How inconsiderate of them, to not have someone there to let them know.  I can just picture my father, ready to choke someone to death for this.  It is hard enough to have to say goodbye to someone you love, without STUPID hospital staff making it harder.  As a nursing assistant, I can call them STUPID…I feel quite justified, because it shows that they forgot the most important part of the medical field…caring about the patient and their family.

On a happier note…the room is almost done.  Just one corner to finish, and that will probably be done tomorrow morning.  I can then move the desk out, put the new rugs down that I bought, and start moving the boys stuff in.  I saw some cute red, beige and brown striped comforters at Wallyworld the other day, and think I will go back for them on Monday.  It will look so good to have red in the room with the beige/brown walls and carpet.  Tommy (my youngest at 9) asked why I wasn’t looking for a dinosaur comforter for him, and I told him I wanted him to have a more “grown up” looking room.  That didn’t sit very well until I told him I would be putting up shelves where he could display some of his massive dino collection.  He thought that was a great idea :).

Ok, off to finish filling my body with caffeine for the day’s travelling, and saying a few prayers that the UPS man loves me today.

Have a blessed day!


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