I needed this..

My challenge to you is to keep trying, keep fighting, keep working at it, keep your head up, keep praying, keep caring, keep listening, keep on keepin’ on, stay strong, stay YOU, stay close to God, stay HAPPY whenever you get the chance to be happy…because life is tough…it’s just flat-out hard…and mean, and cruel….and when you’re KEEPIN’ and TRYIN’ and STAYIN’….you sure deserve a beautiful day in the sunshine, with a big grin on your face once in awhile….and I will be the first to hug you tight and say I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUR HAPPINESS….because I know what it takes to KEEP HAPPY, TRY TO BE HAPPY and to STAY HAPPY…..and I’m not going to let anybody steal that away anymore…and I hope you won’t either….There’s enough happiness to go around…it’s not going to run out…there’s enough and more for everyone. AND, it grows…it’s contagious! SO, don’t let ANYONE ever tell you that it’s not OK, it’s not WONDERFUL for you to be happy, to see your dreams come true…to have things go just right once in awhile….to be rewarded for hard work…to just finally be AT PEACE….”  Melody’s Sofa

I needed someone to remind me that my happiness is mine.  Mine and God’s.  No one can take that from me.  Even if they don’t share in it, it is mine to treasure.  Why do we let people rob us blind?  I’m not talking of material things, but rather of what matters most…who we are.

I have been struggling with trying to do a layout “Who Am I?”.  I find this so dang hard to do.  At nearly 41, I’m not sure I know who I am…is that sad?  I think it is to a certain extent.  On the funny and happy side, here is what my children said when I asked them to give me one word to describe me:

Tommy (9yo): Older, Bossy (This is because like a good mom, I make him clean his room and such hehe)

Joey (11yo): Loving

Samantha (14yo):  Multicolored

I think that Sam’s is probably my favorite.  They are all cool though, and all bring a smile to my face.  Yet this weekend I let someone drain my happiness and energy right out of me.  Why do I let this person do this to me?  Because I love him?  Because I am afraid he doesn’t love me?  Because I am afraid I made a mistake staying?  Even if the answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES, I will not die.  It will not be the end of the world.  Everything will keep going on…I will find my way. 

And I WON’T let anyone, not even the people I love the most, take my HAPPINESS away!

Have a blessed night!


One Response

  1. Wonderful post and so honest, Stephanie!!! It’s hard sometimes (and easier said than done), but the key really is to find that joy within yourself and from the knowledge that you are special to God. Other people can make us happy or sad, but ultimately it’s ourselves and our understanding of God’s unconditinal love that really matters.
    So–be happy today!!! And don’t let others squash it!!!
    I LOVE the quotes from your kids. Those would be wonderful on a layout!!!!

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