No Song today

Some days there won’t be a song in your heart.  Sing anyway“.  ~Emory Austin

Sorry for a sad post, but it is a sad day.  My aunt is in the process of joining our Creator soon.  While it is a happy day that she will be with HIM, it is sad for our family.

I don’t know much about my aunt, since I have only seen her once in the 34 or so years since we moved her when I was a child.  She lives in W. Virginia.  But she must be an amazing person for my father to love his sister so much.  And to know that this woman has an amazing amount of strength, shows that she is a true Nichols.  Stubborn to her core.  This was her second bout with cancer.

She had breast cancer twice.  And it was the second time that they found it had spread.  She has been fighting tooth and nail for 2 yrs with the latest round.  This while her husband struggles with black lung disease from a life in the coal mines.  Their sons and their families have been a godsend to them, helping both of them on a daily basis.

I hope you dance in heaven Aggie!  And tell Granpa and Grandma I love them!

Have a blessed day!


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