Lack of Inspiration…not anymore

Yesterday was such an “off” day.  I had so much I wanted to get done, but when it came right down to it I didn’t do a darn thing…except fold laundry (HOW uninspiring is that??) and play on the computer.  I read a lot of new blogs, searching for inspiration, but found none :(.

Now today, I am stoked!! The juices are flowing!!  I have more energy than I know what to do with, and NEED to do something with it.  One of my plans, while not inspiring at all is to get the taxes done and printed out for hubby.  He filled the forms out on paper..I just have to transfer all that to the pdf form and print it out.  These are state taxes for MA…since he works there.  One advantage to living in NH…no taxes at the end of the year. Disadvantage: outrageous property taxes.

My other goals for the day:  Much more INSPIRING!!!!

1.  Get a layout done of myself, and a bio to go with it for an online project.  It is due today and since I hate photos of myself, I have been putting it off until the last minute.  Thanks to the inspiration from Real Women Scrap, I AM going to put myself in a layout!

2.  Work on getting all the goodies I got on sale last week put away and clean my scrap room.

3.  Work on cleaning up an old bedroom that I was using for my scraproom/office/homeschool stuff.  Since the scraproom/office is now downstairs, and I am not homeschooling anymore (boo), and stepdaughter is coming home in a few weeks…I MUST get this done! Not inspiring in of itself…but the boys will be moving back into that room, and I am juiced about some ideas I have for decorating and set up!  I just have to get through the mess first.

Now, for no particular reason other than they are cute as all get out:

    These are our babies!  Scamp is my dog, a purebred Pom that I got for my birthday about 3 yrs ago.  Dopey (yes that is really his name!) is a mix of Chow, black lab, english bulldog, and something else I can’t remember at the moment.  He is hubby’s dog (although he seems to think he is mine lol).  They keep me company and listen to me rattle on during the day when the kiddos are in school.  Scamp is smaller, 5 or so months older, but thinks he is boss….and so does Dopey!

Ok, off to put all this energy and inspiration to work!

Have a blessed day!


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