Are you sure?

“Are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling? ”
M. C. Escher

I am reading the chapter in Tasra’s book “Real Women Scrap“, where she discusses our fault of trying to compare ourselves to other scrappers.  I had a similar experience to hers, that I went to my first crop, and in looking around, felt very inadequate with the fact that I wasn’t using the “latest and greatest” supplies, or that I “felt” that my art didn’t live up to those ladies in that room with me.

I have learned alot since then.  For one, art is simply art.  What one person considers art, I might not, and vice versa.  But why do we try so hard to conform?  Why do our layouts have to look as good as the ones in the magazines?  Why do we berate ourselved if we don’t measure up to Famous Scrap Artist “X”, or Designer “Y” that we saw on tv the other day doing an amazing technique?

We are constantly telling our children, “I love you just because you are you”, “Be yourself”, on and on…We SHOULD be telling ourselves that.  As women, we are naturally doubtful about many areas of our life.  I believe this is as instinctive to us as being natural caretakers.  It is in our genes.  But there is something else in our genes…

We are all UNIQUE.  No two people are the same.  No two people should be the same.  I had an art teacher in high school write in my yearbook my senior year “Stephanie…to a very “unique” student”.  For whatever reason, for years I took this as an insult.  I’m not sure why, maybe because as teenagers especially, if you don’t fit someone’s mold, you are shunned.  But here I am over 2 decades later (yes I am THAT old hehe), embracing my Uniqueness.

I LOVE it when I can see an idea or something that inspires me, and then create something completely my own from that.  It can be something in the scrapbooking world, or in daily life.  One of my other creative outlets is furniture.  Someday I will have a workshop where I can create my own works of art that can be used every day.  One day I will have space to have the power tools I want, and the room to use them.  Odd?  Maybe.  I don’t know too many women who know how to use more power tools than their husband.  But, I wasn’t a typical Daddy’s girl, so maybe it goes back to that.  I grew up the only girl in a family of three.  Smushed right smack dab in the middle.  Funny thing is though, I grew closer to my father because I loved to be with him while he was working on the cars (he used to be a mechanic), or working on our house (most of it built by his own two hands), or watching sports on a weekend.  I was not the little girl in pink, batting her eyes at him to get what I wanted, but rather was the little girl running around climbing trees in cutoff shorts and a tshirt, with bruises on my knees, and no shoes on.

I have never fit a mold.  Probably never will.  I fit my own unique mold just fine.  And when it feels a bit too tight or too constraining, I change my mold.  Because GOD made me who I am, for better or worse.  I think mostly for better, since GOD doesn’t make mistakes.  And I am learning at 40 years old to be comfortable in my own mold.  Not the one that anyone else says is mine.

So wiggle in that mold girlfriends!  Make it yours!  And if it just doesn’t fit you, find your own …. You are loved because you are YOU!!! Simply that.

Have a blessed day!


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