Holy Smokes Batman!

I guess I should pay more attention!  I just signed up for Technorati for this blog.  It tracks tags, lets you add tags, etc.  Well, once I claimed my blog, it showed that I had two hits show up for my blog. So I click on the link, and low and behold, back on February 8th, I was listed on WordPress as #23 in the Growing Blogs Category.  That is very cool!  Sorry, don’t remember ever getting a “toot” of sorts, so kind of making me giddy.  But don’t worry, the housework will keep me down to earth…yes I forgot in my last post, I actually did get the dishes done, the floor swept, and more laundry washed before 3pm when I had to pick up the kids.  I still have to fold all that wonderfully clean laundry, but it will wait until tomorrow.

 Have a blessed evening!


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