Proud Mama and STUFF…

Ok, so let me start by saying, I am probably a very overprotective MAMA.  I think this comes from years of raising my kids alone, and dealing with one with special needs.

I had IEP meetings for both of my boys yesterday at their school to go over the testing that was recently done and decide if any action needed to be taken.  Well, due to my bad experiences in the past with bad special educators (some tend to look down on homeschoolers), I went in there ready for a fight.

I was SOOOO pleased to find that this group of professionals is absolutely amazing.  Not because they told me what I wanted to hear, but because they really took the time to get to know my boys.  So drumroll please………………NO learning disabilities evident in either one of them.  This confirmed what I knew about Doodlebug (aka Tommy).  He is a typical 9yo boy whose main goal in life right now in his school career is lunch and recess.  Simple.  He will still get some tutoring for his reading and math.

I just about did a happy dance when they told me the same thing about Little Man (aka Joey).  This guy has worked so hard to come back from the failings of doctors, speach therapists, etc.  His IQ is through the roof, and you would think that is a good thing.  It is, but it also has it’s downfalls.  Like the fact that he over analyzes things.  To the point that he spends so much time trying to figure out a good strategy for getting his work done, and by the time he has one figured out, his time to do the work is up.  LOL!  He also, and not conciously, has figured out that within a few problems of a worksheet, he knows what they are trying to teach him, so he sees no point in finishing it if he already knows it.  So he has a new mantra for the rest of the week:  Don’t THINK, Just DO!  This is to help him stop trying to figure out a way to do it, and just do it.  He knows his stuff.  We came up with this together.

I am a very PROUD MAMA!  I am sooo lucky to have the kids I do.  They argue and annoy one another once in awhile, and sometimes they don’t listen.  But I have it easy compared to some parents.  They almost never get in trouble, they do well in school, they all have very creative passions, and the most important part….they are respectful and compassionate towards others. 

Ok, now on to the STUFF:

1.  I am working on a wall art project and stuck.  Maybe I will post a pic of my temp layout here and you all could give me some feedback?

2.  I have officially picked my biz name (think I told you this the other day, but too lazy to go back and look).  White Lily Studios it is!  Going today to pick up the paperwork to register it and make me “Official”.

3.  I have the most amazing friend!  Ms. Cyndi is helping me design my logo and such for the new biz.  What a doll she is!!  Gotta think of a way to say thanks!

4.  I have way too much houswork to do, and writing in my blog is just my way of avoiding it hehe.

5.  I love all my buddies that come visit me here!  Thank you for taking the time to read my babble!  You guys are the best!

 Ok, enough…going to tackle the housework..ACKKK…If I don’t come back in 24 hours, the vacuum got me, and you will need to send in the special ops.

Have a blessed day!


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