Vacation is over!!!

Ok, so I miss homeschooling, but boy am I glad vacation is over and the kids will be back in school!  Does that make me a bad mom?  I hope not!  I have plans for this week for my creative side…been waiting all week to get them in high gear!  So let’s take a look:

-Work with my amazing gf, Cyndi, who is going to help me come up with a logo for my new S4O biz…more to come on this later.

-Get some much needed creative juices flowing…want to get my portfolio put together, and get more samples made.

-I have the CRANES done, and am going to put them in the mail to my precious friend.  Praying hard for you Ms. Smurf!!!!

-Do a “Who am I?” layout for a group I am on.  It may be published in a book whoooo hooo.

-Work on decluttering the house to get ready for painting and redecorating in the spring.  I wish one of those tv shows would come in, send me away for a few days, and then I would come back to a completely redone home, but who am I kidding?  I hate when people touch my stuff LOL!

Ok, I think that is a good starting off point for the week.  Should be very productive if I can stay off the computer (not too much though, as I want to keep up with all of you!).

Have a blessed day!!


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