5 Things I am looking foward to…

Ok, first before I list my five things I am looking forward to, I have to share an epiphany that I had this week.  It has been coming for a long time, and I suppose I always knew it.

I am a MOM….I am so unhappy when I am a working outside the home mom.  Hubby and I decided yesterday after a very long discussion, that I would not work outside the home.  This is because I just cannot leave home at home.  While I am at work, I am always worrying about home, the kids, the hubby..all of it.  I am what I am…and proud of it…I am a MOM!!!

Ok, my five things I am looking forward to this week:

1.  Kiddos are on school vacation this week, and tomorrow they are going to Grammy’s for two days.  That means two days to myself, and two nights alone with hubby.  Yeah!

2.  Getting the time to finish Ms. Smurf’s cranes…hope to have nearly all done by Monday of next week. Double Yeah!

3.  Catching up on housework…I know I must be insane…but my house looks like a bomb went off in it.  Tackled the bedroom and bathroom today…tomorrow will be the livingroom.

4.  Getting some time to scrap!

5.  Baking….haven’t made homemade bread or snacks in AGES!! Can’t wait to get to it!!

Ok, so here is a question to get you thinking….what realization have you come to recently about yourself?  Is there something that triggered it?  Or was it always there, lying dormant, just waiting for your “aaahaaa” moment?

Have a blessed day!


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