Thanks to the ever insightful Miss {A} , she has gotten my juices flowing about my “Creative Manifesto”. Per her description, this is a public declaration of your creative beliefs.  I so like this.  I also so think this is HARD.  I have been thinking on this for days!  I also think that one part that makes it hard is actually writing it down, for all the world to see.  It is like exposing part of yourself, something deep inside of you.  But this is my year of “Strength” (my word for the year), and it’s all about getting myself out there…letting others see my creative side.  Being willing to expose myself to not only praise, which is extremely easy to digest, but also criticism (constructive is always best!).  It is easy to share my creative endeavors with family and friends, who will 99.9% of the time they tell me they “love” something I have made, even if they don’t, just simply because they care about me.  But to put myself out there, by way of this blog and other avenues, to people who most likely will not be as enamored with me, is a huge step.

So, on that note, here is what I have come up with thus far:

1.  Do not fear.  Whether it be failure or success, do not fear it. If you fear, you will never try.

2.  Do it anyway.  Whether it is the “hot” thing to do or not, do it.  While to be successful you have to follow trends in this industry, they do not have to dictate who you are as an artist.  That is first and foremost, your artistic talents.

3.  Be yourself. You are an artist, and not all of your work is going to please all of the people, all of the time.  It is perfectly alright.  There are big name artists in the industry whose style I don’t care for.  I am sure they don’t worry about little ‘ol me.

4.  Stay strong.  Whether it is your own criticism, or that of others, be strong in your art.  It is part of who you are.

5.  Tell the story.  This is always going to be the most important part of my art in the scrapbooking world.  The story is the inspiration for the art.  Whether I am working on a project for myself, a client, a friend/family member, what is behind the photos is more important than those pretty embellishments and paper on the page.  The memories matter.  Period.

Ok, that is it…for all the world to see….*breathing a deep breath*…Off to think on this some more while getting ready for our first Nor’Easter of the year.

Have a BLESSED day!


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