A day in my life…

So … Inspired by some recent layouts, I decided today would be a good day to record what I do so that I can complete a layout about it to add to my BOM.  Might give myself, as well as my children when they are grown and actually can appreciate me, some perspective on my life and who I was.

So let the fun begin:

5:30 am – Alarm starts blaring, dogs start annoying me to get out of bed.

5:45 am – Hubby and dogs get my lazy bum out of bed – Wake dd up for school

6:00 am – Drinking second cup of coffee as hubby leaves for work, pull out laptop and check email, blogs, etc.

6:35 am – Dd out the door for bus to school, get boys up

6:40 am- Make boy’s breakfast (Tommy had toast, Joey had Pop Tarts)

6:45 am – 5th cup of coffee, pressure boys to finish breakfast so they can get dressed

7:00 am – Tell boys it’s time to get dressed, get myself dressed for work (maroon scrubs and a turtleneck..its cold out today)

7:10 am – Tell Joey yet again to go get dressed, remind Tom to brush teeth, wash face, etc.

7:11 am – 7th cup of coffee, make boy’s lunches, pack backpacks, remind boys to put sneakers in backpacks.

7:30 am – Set up crockpot w/dinner for tonight (Marie Collander’s Chicken Soup), throw load of laundry in the washer, finish getting myself ready for work (brush hair, make sure bag is ready w/all paperwork etc)

7:40 am – 8th cup of coffee, tell boys to get ski pants and boots on.  Check email again (I am an addict lol)

7:50 am – Boys get coats, hats, mittens on and we head out the door to drop them off at school.

8:00 am – 9th cup of coffee (#8 got cold while taking the boys to school), write this blog, eat something for breakfast (toast maybe?)

8:30 am – Switch laundry to dryer and start new load, get lunch/snack for myself for the day (something easy to eat in the car).

8:45 am – Leave to see first client. Don’t forget to set odometer to “0”.

Ok, so the last two are added before they happen, but they will happen 🙂  Will edit later for what happened during the day.  Off to eat something.


9:00 am – Saw first client

10:15 am – Saw second client

11:15 am – Third client rescheduled to Thursday, so went to the bank and then checked out a new thrift store in town (no deals on what I was looking for).

12:30 pm – Home…checking email (told you I was addicted), ate lunch

1:30 pm – Finished the layout shown in the post after this one…YEAH!!! Love IT!!!

2:30 pm – Sam came home from school, we talked about her maybe doing Upward Bound this summer (one of her teachers nominated her…Way proud of you Sweetpea!!!)

2:45 pm – Drive to pick up boys at school (that darn “line” again)

3:15 pm – Stop at Walgreen’s for more cold meds for the family.  The family that hacks and sniffles together stays together (because no one else wants to be around them and catch the “cooties” LOL)

4:00 pm – Checking email and blogs while the boys do homework at the kitchen table w/me.

5:00 pm – Add noodles to Chicken soup cooking in the crockpot

5:15 pm – Hubby comes home 45 minutes early today…Slow day at work, but good because he got the taxes done.

5:30 pm – Dinner

Ok, I will stop there, because I am realizing what a boring life I have, and if I am boring myself, I HAVE to be boring you LOL!!  One thing I have realized (but sort of already knew) is that I spend WAY too much time on the computer.  Yikes, never realized how much (as I am on it again writing this hehe).



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