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A Challenging Layout

Nope, no challenge offered by anyone else…just challenging to complete.  I so got stuck on what I wanted for a background paper that it nearly made me insane yesterday.  But thanks to some amazing friends, I got the wise advise “walk away”, and I listened.

Today I came back to this and just ten minutes later, I had the background paper.  I will list the manufacturers later when the kids are done homework and dinner is done, but I wanted to focus on the technique that had me so excited about this layout.

The focal photo was actually a color photo.  Using PhotoImpressions 5 (, I turned it into a pencil drawing.  After tweeking the amount of detail I wanted, I was happy with it and printed out 2 copies.  One was the copy I would use on the layout.  The second one, I cut around my son using very sharp scissors.  Once I had his image cut out, I then used dots to mount it onto the original photo so that it stood up a bit.  After that it was a matter of matting and adding the little details (ribbon, journaling).

The fun little surprise is that using a blending pen and an ink pad, I added a bit of color to the black and white of my son’s image.  Green for the jacket and blue for his jeans.  I think it really makes the image POP.

Let me know what you think.  I would really like feedback on this.  



5 Responses

  1. THis really looks great. We used to use the same technique years ago when my mom and I did decopauge (sp) shadow boxes…I always loved doing them….
    I especially love the hint of color that you added…very cool

  2. This is amazing! It is just oh so beautiful! You did a wonderful job.

  3. What a gift this will be to him someday!

  4. A really great job. I love the idea of the pencil drawing and the raised effect . Its a beautiful layout

  5. Very nice. I love the color pop on the main picture. Don’t you just love blending pens, they are the best!!! 🙂

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