Valentine’s Meme…

Cheryl’s meme for this week has to do with Valentine’s Day…I will apologize ahead of time for being so “unromantic” lol.

(1) Celebrate or Not?   NOT…if he can’t love me all 365 days of the year, he isn’t worth my time hehe

(2) Most Romantic Gift Received- A card

(3) Worst Date – Never had a date on V Day. 

(4) If you could tell your significant other what you’d REALLY like for Valentine’s Day, what would you tell him/her? As much time as I want alone in CT with no one around to do family research.  Might have to side step to NY as well.  I know..not romantic, but what I really want.

(5) Complete the sentence: “Love means never having to say _______” I’m sorry for something I didn’t do.

(6) Best Chocolate – Reese’s PB Cups

(7) Dream Valentine’s Menu -Pizza Skins from Uno’s, Chicken Alfredo from Olive Garden, and my homemade lasagna.

(8) Most Romantic Movie – City of Angels (Nick Cage was just tooo hot)

(9) If you had a Conversation Heart that said how you were feeling right now, it would say – I am ME!!!

(10) Pink or Red? Neither really, but if I was forced to choose (and apparently this meme is forcing me….) Red.

Ok, so I am not romantic.  I don’t do candlit dinners and dancing, don’t want a hotel room all alone with my hubby (I love him, just not my thing).  For me a solid relationship is not about all the gooey love stuff.  To be in love is about the everyday things.  The fact that I still love my hubby despite some really bad habits, and he does the same for me.  It’s about the fact that you can fight about something, but at the end of the day, you still tell each other “I love you”.  It’s about celebrating life’s joys, supporting each other in life’s disappointments.

A perfect example are my parents.  In just a few weeks they will be celebrating 42 years of marriage.  Was it all happiness and roses?  No way.  Do they always like each other? Nope, not even close.  Do they love each other?  Without a doubt!  For 42 years they have put up with each other’s bad habits, raised 3 semi-normal children, and supported each other through good and bad.  That is love!

Happy early Valentine’s Day everyone.


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