I’m a gadget geek…

Ok, so I admit it!  The newest papers don’t excite me (I will get them eventually, when they are out of style), and stacks and stacks of stickers and ribbon do nothing for me.  But give me a new gadget to play with and I go ga-ga.

Thanks to my fellow Fiskateer Nan, I just learned about the coolest new toy!  It’s called the Bind-It-All by Zutter.  It is the cutest and most versatile little binding machine.  And you can’t beat the price!  $59.99 is a steal!!  Gotta love it!!

The other gadget on my wish list is the Pazzle.  As we speak, I am paying off my new laptop that I am currently typing this post on (thanks Capital One hehe), so that I can get my “baby”.  I can see so many uses for this…not just scrapbooking.  The kid’s school projects, stuff for family.  Ohhh, I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Ok, here’s the challenge…What is your favorite gadget on your wish list.  You have until Monday (2/5/07) to post, and I will choose a winner to receive a suprise RAK.


21 Responses

  1. My list of must have toys on my wish list are:

    1. Quickutz Silhouette
    2. New alphabets for my Revolution
    3. Possibly the new Slice

    I love gadgets too and want them all. lol

  2. Hi Stephanie! I think the one gadget I’m yearning for right now is the Cricut LOL I went to a demo last night and oh my word! That machine is wicked cool!!

  3. I too would love the cricut. But thast way down the road for me. But a girl can dream…LOL

    I would serious love a cannon dogital rebel too (thats a gadget right?) But I know that isn’t gonna happen.

  4. I want the fiskars drill really, really bad. There are so many things I could use it for, I am saving so many cd’s to make a cd album with and wall hangers, but I don’t feel like searching through the garage for hubbys drill. So, maybe one day soon, I can get me that fiskars drill

  5. Ohhhh…good choices so far! Keep ’em coming!

  6. that Bind-It-All is calling me too!!!! LOL

  7. it’s gotta be the pazzles as well! but i heard that quickutz is coming out with something similar but half the price!

  8. Oh gosh…right now I probably want more cartridges for my Cricut….and I think I want the grommet setter from MM. KF has a new tool coming out called the Scraparatus. Gotta check that one out. ANd the Fiskars Drill. REEAALLLY want that!

    Fiskateer #786

  9. i would love to get a cuttlebug.

  10. I just got a cricut, so my wish list consists of more cartridges and a Cuttle bug. I love all their embossing folders.

    The Bind- It – All would be a good one for my mom tho. She loves making her own books. Thanks for sharing your love of gadgetry!

  11. I just looked at the pazzle and I’ve heard of the Wishblade and I would absolutely love to get my hands on one of those. The binding machine looks cool too. I love to make books for my kids. The fiskars drill would be awesome too. I could go on and on…..

  12. i just gota get a xyron 250, as my 6yr old loves stickers & i would love to try to make photos out of them, but dreams are free for me once the bills are paid:) but i would love to get anything fiskars so i can dream again:)

  13. I want the new and upcoming cricut….that will cut 12 x 24 inch paper…I don’t have an electronic cutting machine…just my older sizzix…although I still love it…..it takes a while to dig it out…set it up…then cut the paper the right size, blah blah blah….
    although that new slice looks very promising too…I am concerned it would waste alot of paper though…..

  14. Hi Stephanie!!! It is so nice of you to give something away!

    My wish list…

    1. Pazzle
    2. Wishblade
    3. Slice



  15. What I am really wanting is the Around the block kit that comes in the tote bag. it’s got (pink) tools and papers and………



  16. I want a Big Shot….I have the Sizzix and the side kick, but I want the Big Shot so I can use the Fiskars Embossing plates in it!

  17. I love gadgets but have a limited budget so they stay on the wish list for awhile. thankfully I did get a couple of them for Christmas. Currently on my wishlist are the Fiskars drill, a wide format printer, a new camera (well that might be on my Dh’s wish list more than mine as he is the main photographer in the family), some Squeeze punches. I’m sure there are more but those are the ones I first think of.

  18. I’m in love with everything!
    But most…
    1. The bind it all
    2. The new Disney cartrdiges for my Cricut
    3. A new chair for my drafting table! I want one with arms.

  19. I love gadgets too, and I have a long wishlist of ones I want:
    1. A Cricut and loads of cartridiges
    2. A wide format printer (Epson)
    3. A small photo printer ( the new Epson Pal)
    4. A new circle cutter, I’m tired of my Coluzzle
    5. and now I want the Bind-it-All!!!!
    Thanks for hosting this fun RAK, hope I win!
    Jennifer Fiskateer #456

  20. Definitely a WISHBLADE! It’s been at the top of my Wishlist for several months now. 🙂

  21. I love the Cricut and the Cuttlebug. The embossing on the CB is great!!! The squeeze punches.
    I love all sorts of gadgets.

    Kathleen Fiskateer #324

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