Spring Training is COMING!

Ok, so besides being a Pats fan (better luck next year guys)…I am, and have been since I was a very small child, a DIE HARD Red Sox fan.  So here is my tribute to the upcoming Spring Training …..

  I got this from www.becomemm.com , which I think is a hoot!  You can choose everything, including facial expression, colors, the works.  So Boys of Summer…I am ready…bring it on!! Wish I could travel to Florida to see spring training, but alas, I will have to hope to catch some of the games on NESN…with my new work schedule, that might not be entirely possible, but I have to remember my agreement with hubby too.

A few years ago we came to an understanding…I cannot watch every single game.  Football is different, because it is one game a week.  Not a big deal to the sports widower I married.  But baseball is a different beast all together.  They play at least 5 times a week.  He feels that is just overkill … for me to watch that many games.  I politely disagree, but as in all marriages, there has to be compromise somewhere.  Besides, he won brownie points in 2005 when he bought me tickets to an April game against Tampa Bay for my birthday.  It was the first time I had been to a live game since I was 13. 

In keeping with this topic…and what made me so excited to begin with…I am reading “Faithful” by Stuart O’Nan and Stephen King.  Yes ….Stephen King of Pet Cemetary fame (and countless other horror stories).  I bought it last week at Dollar Tree (Sorry Stephen and Stu…but couldn’t pass it up at that price).  I am half way through it already, and am loving reliving the 2004 season!  The season that ended the wait…that elusive World Series win.  And although it was a great win, and we deserved it, it was actually a let down.  Most fans will tell you that.  Winning against the Cardinals was a bit easy, almost like they lost their oomph.  The win came when we were down 3 games in the playoff games with the EVIL EMPIRE.  Everyone *who isn’t a die hard fan* thought..”here we go again”, figuring the Yanks would just take it away from us.  But there is something that we have as New Englanders and true Sox fans…faith.  So Stephen and Stu’s book is appropriately named.  That was the ultimate win, taking the East away from the Yanks.  Just soooo sweet.

So here’s to another season, with all the hopes, fears, and just plain fun enjoying the Boys of Summer!!


2 Responses

  1. Hey Steph!!! I love ANY kind of sports and basketball season is already tougher on me than football season. There’s a college game on pretty much every night! And baseball season is even worse–the games are even on during the day!! But I LOVE it!!! Atlanta is our favorite team (and we were fans way back when when they sucked! lol). I also like the Astros. We do NOT like the Yankees around here!
    Sorry about your Pats! But I’m really cheering for the Colts now!!
    Have a great night!

  2. And, oh yeah, of course we love ball season because our middle dd plays softball! We will be starting tournaments in just a few weeks and we LOVE it!!

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