In my other life…

So, for those of you who don’t know that much about me:

Besides being an avid artist, I am also a mom to six and a wife.  But my other passion is being a Licensed Nursing Assistant.  I have always loved doing this line of work, and am actually considering going to school for my LPN in the next year.

Anywhoooo…my blogging routine will change just a bit as I just got a new job!  HAPPY DANCE for me!  Instead of working in the facility I have been at for nearly 6 months, working very unpredictable nights, I will be working for a home health agency.  I can’t wait, as I think it will be a better suited situation for me.  Rather than trying to give 11-17 patients one on one time that they deserve, I will have 3 patients, maybe 4.  I can really become not only their caregiver, but their friend.  Someone additional that they can rely on for help.  And not just the usual.  I will actually have time to listen…which is how we learn the stories that matter.

I remember when I worked as an LNA 20 years ago, we got a new resident at our facility.  From talking to her, I found out that she was born 90 years before, in the very house that I lived in.  How cool is that!  She told me a lot of history about the area, things I never knew before.  Now I have those stories to add to my own memories of my childhood home.  What a precious gift!

Just had to toot my own horn about the new job and say Happy Wednesday!


2 Responses

  1. HI STEPHANIE! Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting. I have alot of entries similar to that one in my archives about My dear bella’s antics and how she wears sparkly horns on her head sometimes. Your too sweet thanks so much for you comment. I REALLY LIKE YOUR BLOG your scrap room wow man! I will put you in my blog roll!!! CONGRATS on the new job!!! and how cool about the lady born in the same house that is so amazing!!!

  2. Way to go Stephanie!! Doing a big happy dance for you! Sounds like really an ideal job for you!!!

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