My Room is Done (well for the most part)

Hehe, I know…it will never be done.  Who has a scraproom that is “done”?  Anyone? Raise your hands, don’t be bashful!  Hehehe  we all know the dilemma…you see a better way to reorganize and just have to try it.  Well, for now, my room is to the point I can use it efficiently, I like the decor so far (will obviously add to that), and I have my stuff set up so I can teach classes or hold a crop.  I do want to replace the two desks with smaller (3ft) tables when I get some spare cash, but for now this works.

  This is just as you walk in the door.  My table for my private stuff (it is a table with a base of bookcases), shelf on the left holds my printer/scanner and my Target spinning cube.

  This is looking in the room from the doorway.  I have space for 6 people at my tables.  Should be a good start.  You can’t see it, but to the left of that corner is a closet, and a shelving unit that holds my Sizzix and some other odds and ends.

  This bookcase holds my paper on top (yes I finally got it out of the tub), and some kits and stencils.  The bins hold various things for classes (things to be altered etc) and embellishments that need to be sorted.  The shelving above it is coming down and moving above my table.

Well that is it for now…it will always be a work in progress I think 🙂  Off to watch QVC and finish a layout I started this afternoon. 


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  1. Hey GF – LOVE your blog!! Can you tell me some about setting up a blog? I’d like to do that but just haven’t had the kahunas yet – I think I’m capable but need a creative push and support I guess.
    Thanks bunches!!
    Cyndi Cox

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