A Cathy Z. Inspired Layout

I saw an ad in “O” magazine this weekend, that just spoke to me in its simplicity.  It reminded me of some of the layouts I had seen in Cathy Z’s book.  Not knowing why, I had taken a photo of sitting in line at the boy’s school.  Well, then it hit me…perfect to reflect a similar image as the ad.  And perfect to journal my feelings and thoughts about the boys being back in public school.  Here it is:

For the sake of space, I have reduced it quite a bit.  This is what the journaling says:  “The boys have only been back in public school for a few months, and already I am feeling like part of a herd.  Not only do the public school officials try to fit my children into molds that don’t fit, but they are doing it to me as well.  I hate the grind…up at 6:30 a.m., to school by 8:00 a.m.  I hate that they are trying to change who my boys are.  But here I am, everyday at 3:00 p.m. sitting in my place in the line.  Like a good mom, I am following the rules.  IT GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING I BELIEVE IN.  I have never been one who fits into society’s molds easily.  I don’t like being told what to do, and when to do it.  Just ask anyone who knows me well.”

Sounds a bit sad doesn’t it?  That is because it is.  Scrapbooking, despite all evidence to the contrary, is not only about the “happy, joyous” events and moments of our lives.  This public school thing has been very hard for me to deal with.  For those who don’t know me well, I used to homeschool my children.  Telling your story is about the ugly, sad, and hard to deal with….along with the happy moments.  As someone once said, you can’t know what wonderful is, if you don’t know what horrible is.  I am not saying that well, but you know what I mean.  How can you know joy and have something to compare it to, to KNOW it is joy, unless you experience sadness as well.

I am proud of myself.  This is my first layout for my Book of Me.  It isn’t happy go lucky, but it is honest.  How often are you honest with yourself?  Do you wish you could be someone else?  I don’t.  My life isn’t always pretty, but living with me isn’t either.  But I know that I have people who love me with all their heart and soul.  That makes getting up in the morning worth it.  Give your own layout a try.  Pick a not so happy issue to deal with and begin a Book of You!  Your children and grandchildren will thank you someday.  They will want to know you after they have gotten out of their hormonal teenage years.  Trust me!


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  1. I love it, Stephanie!! I love scrapbooking so much because you can really be REAL on your pages. Yes, I scrapbook all the good, fun times, but I also try and scrapbook the “deeper” things too! Great job on this layout!!!

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