Are the Patriots Playing?

A conversation with my 9 year old son today…

Time:  approximately 1:20 p.m

Place: my kitchen

Tommy:  “Are the Patriots playing?”

Me: (yelling at the television) “Where’s the flag!!??!! That was pass interference!!”

Me: (looking at Tommy) “What?”

Tommy:  “Never mind, I know the Patriots are playing now.”

LOL!  Guess my kids know me too well.  Pats will win today, and Mom will feel better again, after Notre Dame’s loss last week. 

Just a random thought to share and make you smile…which I am doing as I write this since Asante Samuel just intercepted a pass from Pennington, AND ran it in for another touchdown!!!!! GO PATS!!!!


One Response

  1. I love it!! McKenna and Delaney both love sports and watch it with me. My 2-year-old will start crying when I put either football or basketball on. She’ll say, “We watch it again and again and again and again” in the sweetest little whiny voice! LOL
    Glad the Pats one yesterday, but I was very sad because my Cowboys lost! Although I like Seattle (especially becuase of Bama guy Shaun Alexander), Dallas is my team!
    Ready for the BCS game tonight. Rooting big for Florida, since they’re an SEC team!

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